Laiela is dreamer who wears her heart on her sleeve, the eternal optimist,
always looking to inspire and be inspired



My name is Laiela, I am married to the love of my life and together we have two beautiful daughters. 
I run a business specialising in corporate gifts and branded promotional items, called Ahavah.

I find inspiration all around me and I absolutely love sharing my thoughts, so many in fact that my Facebook page has become quite flooded, hence the idea to create this page. 
My main passion in life is my love for and my relationship with Jesus Christ, who gave His life to redeem me.

As I explore scripture and reflect on what God’s word teaches me, I am in awe of how much He has given us in one book, it really does cover every question and need that we may have. Being surrounded by some truly wonderful and inspiring people, I will also, with their permission, include some of their thoughts and wisdom, so look out for these as well.

My main purpose is that through this page people may be directed to finding Faith, Hope, Love, Encouragement, Strength, Motivation, Comfort, Joy, Peace and all the other amazing things that God gives us as His beloved children.

I will share reviews on books I have read, tell you about places I have visited, meals I have enjoyed, thoughts that cross my mind, pictures that I love, anything and everything really!

Please use the search function to find posts on specific topics, should you have a particular subject that you are interested in. I hope that you enjoy your visit to my page and leave feeling loved and inspired!

With much Love, Laiela

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