The sheer joy and exhilaration that comes with giving is something that cannot be adequately measured or described, only experienced, and if you havent experienced it, believe me, you are at a loss.

I connected with the Robin hood Foundation a few years ago, some would say by chance, I would say divine intervention. All it took was getting involved in one project and I was hooked!

Many consider the act of charity simply as dropping off some old clothes at a shelter, feeding the poor or making a donation to a cause. If that’s you, then I need to let you in on a secret… There is soooo much more and it’s not only soul filling but incredibly fun and rewarding.

Cindy Norcott, the founder of The Robin hood Foundation, recently hosted a really insightful online workshop:

How Charitable Giving can Benefit Your Business

Yes I know it sounds contrary to the selflessness that is generally associated with giving, however, I would really encourage you to listen to this relatively short conversation, or at least take a moment to consider some of these points which I noted below:

I always wondered why nobody did something about it, then I realised that I am somebody…

  • Being actively involved in or even simply contributing to a cause can make a huge difference in so many ways
  • You can build team morale – create a team building around helping in various ways. The Robin hood foundation has many different projects and many hands are always needed to assist. From packing, sorting, chopping, peeling, decorating cupcakes to making sandwiches, there is much to be done. And it’s FUN!
  • There is a bond that develops between people when we connect over something meaningful. So it’s a great opportunity to make new friends or even strengthen bonds with your team.
  • It reminds you that Life is Good! When you realise how much you have to be grateful for, you are actively fighting against the blues that can set in, particularly at a time like this.

Brands should do more than make a profit, they should make a difference!

  • Develop a brand that stands for more than just making money, become involved in the community you cater to.
  • People are more likely to support a business that is actively involved in giving back.

You cannot receive with a closed hand.

  • Give what you need! What keeps you up at night? How can you help address a need?
  • Chat to the team at The Robin hood Foundation, they can help you facilitate a project that meets a specific need.

How can you get involved without having to do much?

Time can sometimes be a hinderance, here are a few ways you can get involved without having to compromise your busy schedule:

  • Share with your networks and get them involved. Simply forwarding this information helps connect a broader audience and invites more hands to participate.
  • Donate! What don’t you need? Someone else would be glad to have it. From books to bedding and toys to tools, as long as it’s in a good condition, why not donate it.
  • If you have a store or an area with high traffic, request a Robin hood collection can. Lots of small change makes a BIG change.
  • If you are hosting an online event, invite The Robin hood Foundation to share briefly on how your audience can get involved in giving back.
  • Display the RHF Zapper code on your website / stationery, etc. so that people may be encouraged to donate.
  • Arrange a team build – RHF will set aside a day where your team can assist on a project and believe me, it will be so much fun, you will want to do it often!
  • Become a part of a purposeful movement for good.

In dark times, take a moment to be frivolous and allow your spirits to be lifted!

Cindy has a way of coming up with the craziest concepts and themes including like the You take the cake cupcake initiative or The Sarmie Army sandwich distribution.

There are many many projects including Mini Mahala Teas (host an intimate tea to collect unwanted items from family and friends), donate masks, staple foods, sanitiser, care packs for workers in medical wards, and so much more! Choose one that appeals to you. Take your stuff and turn it into projects.

Find our more about The Robin hood Foundation here:



Watch the Zoom Workshop here:

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