We’ve all been there. That feeling of so desperately wanting to be chosen, to be a part of the team, to be one of the few, to be acknowledged, noticed, to get the job! 

But what happens when the exhilaration that comes from being picked changes into anxiety? Be it performance or pressure that brings it on, it’s never a welcome feeling. 

And then there’s the opportunity to graciously turn down an offer. Be it a job you’ve been hoping for, but when it comes it may involve some tough decisions, or the opportunity to head up a project, but you simply cannot add even one more grain of rice to your already overflowing plate!

Of course FOMO (fear of missing out – for those like me who battle to keep up with the jargon 😉) becomes a massive barrier to the voice of reason. I mean, I am the best person for the job after all. I owe it to them to at least give it a shot right? Or, what if I turn this down and it was the opportunity I have been waiting for?

That last bit is really the one that gets me the most… I have become rather obsessed with my attempts of walking in accordance with the will of God over my life, so decision making moments really become quite the struggle.

There’s the logic, the emotions and then the still small voice that I really sometimes wish was a loud clear voice instead (although after reading about how the Israelites responded to the audible voice of God I think I will stick to the more subtle version). Perhaps if I would just slow down enough to hear it… 

I’m really just sharing the space that I am in at the moment. Between all the opportunities that I am so blessed to have: being a wife, mum, entrepreneur, blogger, amidst a number of other roles, all of which I value greatly (beyond just the privilege of being picked), I sometimes feel as if I am drowning! 

Then along comes yet another amazing offer or opportunity and I still pause to consider it, perhaps I could squeeze it in between kissing my kids goodnight and catching some much needed Zzz’s myself. 

My dear friend Cindy Norcott once spoke about learning to say “No” more frequently. I totally welcomed her wisdom, my challenge though is what to say no to and what to agree to. 

Its hard! From simple coffee dates that shouldn’t be so hard to accommodate, to medium and long term commitments, I sometimes wish that God weren’t so generous with this thing called “free will” and instead just gave us a (very clear and detailed) script.

But then where would the fun be in that… we are ironic creatures. We think about a clear blue sky as a perfect day, yet it’s the clouds that we admire, the more dramatic the better. 

How mundane would our lives be if we had all the answers. How needless would God be to us if we didn’t need to seek Him for direction… 

A friend today mentioned “putting things into God’s hands” in a moment of surrender and in that, finding her breakthrough, and perhaps that’s what it is all about.

What does that look like from a practical perspective? I love the way my Pastor once put it… We were faced with a massive decision and turned to him for wise counsel. His ultimate response was so simple, yet it provided us with the answer we sought. Do whatever gives you peace… Sometimes we spend so much time looking outwardly for an answer that can only be found within.

As I ponder on these thoughts and scenarios, a realization dawns on me… another wise friend of mine, Claire Protheroe, once spoke about people assuming roles. If there is a role to fill, someone will adopt it, they will own it and appear to have been made for it, but the moment they vacate it, someone else will inevitably fill that role, often just as effectively or even more so.

Here comes the wisdom that dawns as my mind rambles on… Perhaps by not raising my hand, it may just allow someone else the opportunity to fill that role. For them to have their turn to grow and therein add greater value, rather than me attempting to work beyond my capacity, and who knows, I may even learn something from them.

There’s much work to be done, but there are also many of us to do it. Two phrases come to mind and I will end with these two thoughts… 

“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that; then I realized that I am somebody.”

Perhaps you are that person, wondering why something isn’t been done a certain way or see something that needs to be addressed. Instead of wondering or complaining, it may just be your opportunity to rise up and make a difference. 

Then He said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

Matthew 9:37

Without going into a spiritual context of this verse, we can also consider these words from a physical perspective. We are surrounded by people whose barns are full to overflowing. Who have more than they could spend in a few lifetimes. Without going to the opposite extreme, let’s simply consider others who look upon the “privileged” wishing they could swop places. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to raise they hand and say “pick me!” and that moment could change their lives forever!

The people crazy enough to think that they can change the world usually do! I don’t know… but I think there may just be a little crazy in each of us, we just need to look within and find it!


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